Superior materials and master craftsmanship ensure that you end up with the best possible product.
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At Wildridge® we value relationships. That's why providing great service is at the top of our priorities.
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The unmatched beauty. The incredible attention to detail. This kind of quality simply can't be duplicated.
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Quality. Service. Innovation.

Wildridge® was created to exemplify these in a way that redefines what qualifies as a truly premium product. Our industry-leading poly furniture features quality materials, master craftsmanship, and superior construction that yield a product with undeniable quality and the service to go along with it. The child of a company that was born in 1999, Wildridge® has sought not only to create a quality product and service but to do so in a way that innovates and brings you something you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else…


Built to Last

Creating a superior product starts with superior ingredients. From the long-lasting poly lumber to the marine-grade fasteners, we’ve engineered our poly furniture to last as long as you need it to – and longer.

The Collections

Each and every product is made with quality craftsmanship, impeccable service, and eco-friendly innovation. Here are just a few of our cherished collections.